Thursday, September 29

Tao restaurant review

“Tao, the largest and most popular Asian restaurant in New York City, was created to offer guests a sensual trip through the cuisines of Asia. From the moment one enters, they are transported to another world designed to relax and indulge all the senses. Open since fall 2000, this action packed venue hasn't lost one bit of its buzz. Tao is frequented by celebrities on a regular basis from Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Ricky Martin, Robert DeNiro, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Madonna, Paris Hilton and members of the N.Y. Yankees, Giants and Rangers” -

Well, I don’t know about that. Just because celebrities like this place, does it means it is a good place? Tao was a nice place, but I am sorry fans, this place has got more credit than it deserves. I mean, since when was Britney Spears a food expert? 

Here is my review. The REAL review.
The food was good, standard good Chinese food. Nothing special with no new twists that made a statement. Tao is just another Asian restaurant with a big Buddha sitting next to you.  I can name at least 10 different restaurants with the exact same thing. Besides the boring dishes, I must say I have never seen uglier presentation which gave a very VERY bad first impression. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t thrilled by the food?  

And I quote “They are transported to another world designed to relax and indulge all the senses.” Designed to relax? How can I relax when it is a DJ playing loud music? I had to scream just to make a conversation with my friend. The service wasn’t spectacular either. It was, I don’t know. Like other normal Chinese restaurant? I also had to wait till 9.30pm to get a table even though I made a reservation for 9.00pm. 

You are not convinced? You are still going to check out Tao (and Ricky Martin) the next time you are in New York? In that case, stay away from Crispy Orange Chicken. It tasted a bit better than KFC chicken, but I wouldn’t pay 30USD to get something that is “a little better than KFC”. I also got Satay of Chicken with Peanut Sauce. I ate it with Squab Lettuce Wraps, which was good. 

Ok, so this place didn’t get a good review, but I am willing to give them a new chance. Next week probably. Then I will take photos (so you can see how bad the presentations are) and try some of the desserts, which I didn’t this time.


  1. hehe, I appreciate your honesty and service at restaurants like these is SO important. That's the worst when you have to wait for your reservation. I've eaten at Tao in Las Vegas and you're right the food is nothing super spectacular. :)


  2. THANKS Dale, thanks for another honest comment.

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