Friday, October 29

Burberry coat

It is Friday night and I am sitting here internet shopping (pretty sad huh?). Then suddenly I found a coat that looked similar to the Burberry coat I have been dreaming of for weeks. I planned to save one more month and then I buy it, but that is so not going to happen after my finds on Maybe it doesn’t have as good quality as Burberry, but right now, I don’t really care. I don’t have money anyway. So yeah, I guess I have to go for the cheaper Yesstyle version.


Yesstyle/Stylementor (US$ 81.22)

Getting presents moment

My sister and I spent the whole day on throwing and giving away old clothes. It’s funny to look at our old clothes. Most of it is awful. Some still with tags on, some not. Those that have tags, is obviously from awkward moments on Christmas Eve. Have you ever got a gift, and when you open it, you don’t know what to say. Just speechless, because you hate it. Do you smile and say “Oh my God, I love it!”? Or you do you tell them the truth and say that you hate it? Well, I always pick the first. Exactly, lying! Something I really regret about. Now I am in an evil circle. Every year, I get presents that makes me say “WOW”, and not in a positive way. Birthday and Christmas, it doesn’t matter. I know it’s the thought that matters, and I am happy to get gifts at all. It is the part where they are waiting for my reaction that bothers me.  
Hmmm, please enjoy my wonderful gifts!!

Wednesday, October 27

Slowly dying inside

My computer is totally dead at the moment, and it is killing me. It's sad to say that my life is depended on that computer. It is like my left hand. In this century, everything has to go through computers. Homework, networking (by networking, I mean Facebook, heheh), e-mails and of course blogging. Now, I am frustrated and I don't know what to do. Of course I have a back up laptop, which is my MacBook that I can't stand (not a big fan of Mac with other words). It doesn't feel the same. I am even not a fan of laptops. I will check up with the computer service very soon, and hopefully it will be fixed. Meanwhile, I will read my newest American Vogue Magazine and clean up my room and closet.

Monday, October 25

Monday shopping

The winter is near and I need new gloves. I am thinking leather, but it’s not easy to find a pair that fits properly, especially when the selection is so big in Oslo. I wished that I lived in London. All the clothes, shopping mall, aaah! Its heaven on the earth. …… Back to reality. OSLO! Please wish me good luck!!  

Jacket: R.J. Story
Bag: Dior
Stockings: from Hong Kong
Shoes: Nine West

Saturday, October 23

Patience has its limits

OK, so I didn’t get my jackets yesterday thanks to the amazing service from FEDEX. They say they will deliver it on Monday (suuuree). This happens every single time. Anyway, I don’t want to think about it anymore, I just get pissed off. It’s Saturday, a new beautiful day.

Blouse: H&M
Bag: Dior
Skirt: H&M
Stockings: from Hong Kong

Friday, October 22

I hate to wait

I am waiting for two jackets I have ordered from internet two weeks ago. They will deliver to my house something between now and four hours. I am very excited to see the jackets, and if it appears like in the picture (nervous). Meanwhile, I will read the newest Seventeen Magazine that I got in my mailbox this morning. Yay!

Thursday, October 21

When women are depressed, happy or bored they eat or go shopping

I spent most of my day on testing my camera yesterday, and as I told you, I had two tests today.
Guess what! I got 5+ (6 is the best) in both subjects and I am very satisfied. So I celebrated with a little shopping.

This is what I got today

Yes, another scarf is totally necessary!

Everything is of course not for me. I am just having a little early Christmas shopping.

Today’s outfit

Wednesday, October 20

My lovely scarves

Ok, so I am not reading Norwegian literature as I said I will do. But the thing is; I am not a big fan of reading. That’s why I decided to clean my wardrobe. It has been very cold in Oslo lately and warm clothes are a must. When I sorted my clothes, I recognized that I have a passion for scarves (or maybe it’s just the weather that makes me buying so many). What about you guys? Do you use scarves often?

My lovely scarves <3  

Tuesday, October 19

Need a new camera

I have taken a few photos of my outfits, but the photos have so bad quality. I think I really need to buy a much better camera if I want to continue with the blogging. The only problem is; how can I afford to buy one?

Tuesday outfit

I have to go to the school in 10 minutes but I just wanted to show you my outfit before I leave!
Have a nice day everybody!!