Tuesday, September 6

2. First day at school

First day at school and they already taught us how to be unhealthy, hehe. We got coffee and donuts from Dunkins for breakfast. You know I love free stuff, so I ate quite a lot. After the breakfast, we got a lot of information, blab la bla. Don’t do that, don’t do this. Then free food from Subway, yay, more free food. As if I don’t get fatter after this term.


  1. What better way to start school than with some donuts and coffee...how nice of them to have lots of food for you! I hope your school year goes smoothly and is filled with some fun adventures too!

    Liesl :)

  2. wow i miss the dunkin!!! yummy =P

    kisses from Buenos Aires, AR


  3. wow, ur school keeps giving u free food, awesome!

  4. The donuts look yummy! HaHa.Your post is funny. :D

  5. omg. . .what school is this i want free food hahaha