Saturday, September 24

Sushi of Gari, authenticity at its best

For four years, I have worked in many different sushi restaurants. I have eaten sushi frequently for 10 years, and when I say frequently I mean 3-4 times a week in average. Sushi is one of the few things you can never get fed off. If you do, you haven’t eaten great sushi. So I went to this sushi restaurant called Sushi of Gari. Gari is the name of the sushi chief that started this avant-garde sushi restaurant. He wanted the costumers to enjoy the sushi without dipping too much soy sauce that kills the real taste of sushi. His concept is to sauce the sushi directly during the preparation stage. This meant the diners will get the perfect amount of sauce in each sushi piece.

Do you feel guilty for dipping the whole sushi with soy sauce now? After serving sushi all these years, I have recognised that people ask for too much soy sauce, especially take-away. One of my bosses used to say that they like to drink the soy sauce, while another thought it was bullshit. He believed they took a bath in it.

Each nigiri piece was an explosion of flavours. Every single piece tasted different. I really can’t imagine better sushi than what I have eaten at Sushi of Gari, and trust me; I know what I am talking about. I have eaten a lot of sushi from all over the world. 

I would recommend “Omasake” which means the chief will select for you, each piece will be different and is a great way to taste the menu. I think I ate something between 20-25 pieces and all were unique. I don’t remember all of the nigiris I got, but one of them was salmon with onion cream and roasted tomato which tasted amazing. Everything was just perfect together.  


PS: just a little honestly here. If you are one of those that believe you love sushi but eat premade sushi, then don’t bother to spend your money on this. You still don’t know what sushi is.

Adress: 402 East 78th Street New York, NY 10075
There are also one at Columbus and one at 46th street.

Not in New York? Gari has also a restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan.


  1. omg, i love sushi, not those commercially made ones, but the truly authentic ones!

  2. This looks amazing! Great, now I want sushi... (which is impressive because it's 6:30am right now! You can have sushi for breakfast right?)