Monday, September 19

6. Couture Fashion Week: FIRST ROW

Finally I got the first row! Thanks to the bad ushers, there were many single empty seats on the first row and it was really important to fill them out because of the cameras. That didn’t happen yesterday when I was the usher (proud).So my job today at the fashion show was just sitting on the front row and makes the whole thing look good. I just love it when they come to me and say “I need you to do me a favour, go over there and sit on the front row”. I will just upload some (bad) pictures I took today (who said IPhone4 has a good camera, so not true) and the videos will come later.

You will see that the photos are from different views, but that’s basically because I got different front seats for different shows.

I will list up the different designer on my next post with the videos. Hope you guys had a nice weekend too!


  1. Awesome design! Nice fashion show with a lot of different culture dress up. :)

  2. Pure Glam!... Te envito a mi si no me seguis... Seguime ya!!! No solo tengo un nuevo post con la consigna a Qué te animas!? Si no que participas de un sorteo de lenceria de autor de lujo en satén italiano.

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