Tuesday, September 13

As if I don't gain weight in New York

New York has many things to offer, but it is one thing I don’t need and that is the take-away restaurants. I don’t need that, it makes me fat! Who wants to cook when there is a Chinese restaurant downstairs ready to deliver you food for free?

I promise to be healthier mom
*My super fake smile*

 I just love to have my dinner on the roof. Love the view of New York! Kamilla and I will probably have our dinner here more often! 
Hehe, please excuse me, but I like to have my daily dessert. 


  1. The food looks great! I would be all over the chinese restaurant cause I love chinese food! I can´t blame you haha

    The Black Label

  2. Look yummy!Have dinner at the roof is definitely a great enjoy. :)