Tuesday, September 13

4. Now I know how it feels to be broke

I have always bought whatever I like whenever I want it. Please, don’t hate me because I can, and YOU CAN’T. I started to work at the age of 13 and you can imagine how financial independent I am. Never asked my parents for money since then. A lot of people around me would think I am spoiled. I travel a lot, I shop a lot and I eat at expensive restaurants, but seriously. Who likes to brag about working 8 hours on a Saturday when everybody else are watching cinema with friends? So yeah, not the most popular girl at school since, well.
“Oh my God, I travel so much, I only shop in London every weekend and I am probably an airhead that is spoiled who doesn’t know to do a shit.”
I have good news to my haters (I know you read this shitty blog). Natali is having trouble. Finally karma hit me. I have only 24 USD plus some cents to spend till my next scholarship is coming. Life is damn hard to be a student (I never thought I would say that). 

Oh yeah, just had to buy some small delicious cupcakes! Cost me 18USD, auch. My wallet is losing weight, while I am gaining weight, hahhaa. Anyway, I am going to the rooftop and take a sunbath now, that is at least free. Have a nice day!


  1. nice shots!!! ad being broke isn't fun lol. my wallet is losing weight as well lately hahahaha

    cute blog! :)


  2. YEAY your in NY!!! Love the new header! Life is hard^^! good luck hon!!!

    xo Emma


  3. I have the same thought as you. My wallet is losing weight too. I'm saving money for my next vacation. You are so young when you started to work.