Thursday, December 30

Best Christmas gifts of 2010

I have received a couple of gifts for Christmas this year. I really loved some of the gifts and I want to share with you guys my top 5 best Christmas gifts of 2010.

So here we go…

On fifth place we got Sex and the city!! 6 seasons and 2 DVDs from my sister in law

Fourth place is from my sister. A straightener so I can make my hair curly. Hehe…

On third place is a gift from my mom. Adorable earrings!  

Silver goes to a gift from my sister
She made this cute scarf herself! What is better than receiving a gift made of love??

A yellow Hermes H bracelet! The golden winner of this year!
It’s so adorable, yellow is my lucky color <3

Wednesday, December 29

Sale, sale, sale!

Who can avoid the big sale after the Christmas? Everything is on sale lately, and obviously I didn’t miss it. Even the H&M collection by Lanvin is on sale!! 

Blouse from H&M (100 NOK)

Monki store
 Top: 50 NOK, Skirt: 38 NOK, Blouse: 75 NOK from Monki

And this is what I wore today!!

Sunday, December 26

Happy Holidays

I hope you all got the most wonderful Christmas. My Christmas was filled up with food, gifts and kids. I never celebrate Christmas at home anymore since all of my siblings have moved out, so I just sneak in here or there every year, tihih. I went to my sister’s house this year and it was great. She always makes the best food. Sometimes it’s just great to spend time with the family, don’t you think?

Thursday, December 23

Christmas Nightmare

The evil Santa

The Christmas war

The bullies

Please don't misunderstand, I am not an emo. Just wanted to make something different this year.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Wednesday, December 22

Welcome to Oslo

My friend from Finland just came here yesterday to visit me this Christmas. It was fun to show her around the city. I have always complained about Oslo and how boring and cold it is here, but when I saw my friend’s reaction I think I changed my mind. She thought Oslo is lovely with all the Christmas lights. When I looked at it myself, I thought; it’s not too bad here after all. The first thing I showed her was of course the shopping places. Hehehe. We went to Christmas shopping, and I am finally done with everything.

Monday, December 20

Sunday, December 19

Sunday outfit

Cardigan: Zara
Faux fur collar: Hue it girl
Bag: Karen Millen
Shoes: Dior

What a week

I have been a little busy lately, and haven’t been able to blog. Going out on a Wednesday isn’t a very good idea; I learnt it the hard way. Getting up to school on Thursday isn’t the easiest then. I won’t publish pictures of the crazy night, hehe, but instead what I have bought this week!
Everything is from

Some shirts to colleagues

And then a lot of clothes to me!! Buahaha!

Monday, December 13

Happy birthday sis !!

My sister had birthday yesterday, and of course I forgot it. I realized that I haven’t bought any gifts and panicked. I tried to save the situation and put a frozen pizza in the oven. Heheh, and made it to a “birthday pizza”. The funny thing is that she actually likes it! Happy birthday sis!