Wednesday, March 30

The end of the month

I have a really bad habit that I can’t get rid of. I always buy something when I am bored, but I guess I am allowed to today, right? It is the end of the month after all.   

Dress from

Dress from

Bikini from
15£ + 12£

Flats from

Dress from

Bikini from H&M
129 NOK and 99 NOK

Dress from

Wednesday, March 23

Berlin: Friday

The Berlin Wall

Friday was our last day in Berlin, and I feel pity that we had to end this. This was one of the greatest trips ever with a lot of memories. We had so much fun! Time flies so fast; I still remember my first day at Upper secondary school, and now it’s already my senior year. Three more months and we will graduate, and eventually split to different ways. Some will stay in Oslo, some in another city. Where will I go? Probably New York City, but I am but sure yet. I just know that this Berlin trip was an amazing way to celebrate our 3 years together.

Tuesday, March 22

Monday, March 21

Berlin: Wednesday


After a long and cold visit at the Sachsenhausen, we decided to have some fun in the city. I mean, it was sooo depressing to see how an internment looks like. We spent the rest of the day with shopping, museum and dinner.

Potsdamer platz

Merado restaurant

Sunday, March 20

Berlin: Tuesday

 The awesome group, but can you find the most awesome person?

I <3 Starbucks

Upper Eastside.....Berlin

On the tram
Eva (the leader) looks confused! We are lost in the middle of the city!

Aigner restaurant

Französiche Straße 25, berlin

My new car!

Back to the hostel

Berlin: Monday

Currywurst !!! YUMMY YUMMY

Saturday, March 19

Back from Berlin

Home sweet home, it feels great to sleep in my own bed with my soft and fluffy duvet. Over 100 students travelling together, living in the same hotel. We did so much fun and the pictures are coming very soon! I just have to collect ALL the pictures that we took first, which is probably over thousands.

Have a nice Saturday!