Wednesday, April 27

§40 - eat a burger in two bites

Like I have told you before, this is my senior year and we do a lot of crazy things to celebrate it, we are Norwegians after all! We get over 100 different missions that we have to accomplish during May. Not all of them, because that is impossible, but as much as possible.
Please follow my journey as a RUSS of Norway 2011!  

Today I did my first “mission”, eating a burger in only two bites!

Monday, April 25

Blonde Asian

As you know, I am from Norway and I will graduate from upper secondary school this spring. In Norway, we use almost a month to celebrate that we are graduating.

During these three weeks “ceremony” we do a lot of crazy stuff such as;
  • Answering every question the teacher asks by reading out loud from a porn magazine.
  • Speak a language other than Norwegian for an entire day.
  • Drink a beer while having two tampons in your mouth.
  • Order a meal from McDonalds or Burger King without using vowels.
  • Have safe sex outdoors.
Well, yeah, the list is endless and the whole point of it is to make crazy ugly and beautiful memories from high school. To remember MY time as a senior student, I thought I could start these three weeks by dying my hair blonde, but I need your permission to do that!

I have got so many great comments from you guys about my classy style, and it warms my hearth. I promise to go back to my old classy look after the graduating period!  

If you want to see me as a blonde Asian girl during my three weeks celebrating period, please like my Forever Bachelorette page on Facebook, or attend the event.

Link to the event.

If I reach up to 250 people till Friday, you will see me do this project! I will make videos of this whole project!  

Sunday, April 24

Tresor in Love

Dress: List
Shoes: Bianco
Bag: Karen Millen

Saturday, April 23

Shopping in Rome

Love is something magical, and gives you the most incredible feeling in the world.
“You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast?” Well that's how I felt like when I was in Rome. Only it's better!

Thanks to my mother, I started to believe in magic. For the very first time, she gave me “The Magic” card and Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, I got all this!

Carlo Pazolini

Tory Burch

Tory Burch


on the street

street market



dont know...

Francesco Rogani

Francesco Rogani




Friday, April 22

Rome wasnt built in a day

Hi everybody! I am finally home, and for those that are a little confused, my home is in Oslo. I love Oslo, but unfortunately not enough. So once again, I ran away and ended up in Rome. Last time I was in Italy was in 2007 (Sicilia) and I must say I like Rome a lot more, hehe. I ate pizza and ice cream every single day. After eating the real deal, I finally realized that I have been eating shit the past 15 years, more or less.

The only thing that was better than the pizza and ice cream was the shopping! Unbelievable!....
I will update what I have bought very soon, but first, DINNER.    

Me eating pizza on the Spanish Steps!

St. Peter's of Rome

 animated gif maker
Hahah! I travelled with two giants btw. I swear, I am the normal one!
Trevi Fountain


Monday, April 18

I am in Rome

I am just going to make a very short post. Just wanted to tell you guys that I am in Italy (Rome) right now and I am having a great time. I will be back on Friday, and I can´t wait to post photos from this trip! Have a nice Easter everybody!

PS: Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate it!

Friday, April 15

I am a genius

I like to believe that I am an intelligent and independent girl. Unfortunately it is hard to believe it sometimes. I just keep doing ridiculous stupid things. I had an exam last week and after finishing the exam, I chose to not touch my school bag since I have another exam in the same subject on Friday (today) and I don’t want to repack. I thought I might forget some notes so it is better to leave it alone. Today when I opened that bag, I discovered that I forgot my orange juice in the bag. Nice! It was leaking and smelled awful. Seriously, I rather smell on poo over my wet notes. Maybe I am not so very clever and independent as I thought…

Cardigan: Gina Tricot (borrowed from my sister)
Top: H&M
Glasses: borrowed from a friend
Shoes: SND shoes (from Berlin)
Watch: Citizen
Wallet: Karen Millen

Thursday, April 14

Brunch; Nodee

I woke up late today (as usual) and of course it wasn’t anything to eat at home. I had no choice but eating out, dam it! Once again, I had brunch which is a bad bad habit. Unhealthy for my body and my wallet. I went to Nodee today, my absolutely favorite restaurant in Oslo with good reviews from the Michelin Guide.
Silver needle tea, my absolutely favorite tea!

The service of this place is excellent. When I ordered my dessert, I got a little disappointed because they changed the sorbet to another flavor. After I finished it all, I asked what happened to the wasabi ice cream, and 30 seconds later, I got it, and of course my waiter didn’t charge me. Did I mention he is totally handsome? Not only handsome, but he also has a lovely deep “Hollywood voice”. Love love love!

The lounge

The Zen-room

Main hall

After the brunch, I went for a little shopping. I didn’t buy anything though, because I am so broke! No more shopping on me…till next week :D Hehhee…

During this day I was wearing:

Cardigan: Mango
Dress: Stylekelly
Bag: Dior
Bracelet: Hermes
Watch: Calvin Klein