Thursday, September 1

Oslo - New York

I have mixed feelings right now, a bit excited, a bit nervous and a bit worried. I don’t even know if this was the right decision. New York? Fashion? Is this for real? So many things are going on in my head. I don’t even know who my roommate is or if my luggage is less than 50 Ibs (23kg). What a stupid limit anyway. Do the airlines even know how many shoes girls have?I am leaving in an hour and still trying to manage how I can fit 4 months clothing in a luggage. Stupid stupid Airline, 50 ibs…. 
Anyway, hope you all are well. See you in New York! 

Close your eyes,
Take a step,
And see where you’ll end.  

My eyes are open... I am just Asian


  1. Have a great journey! :D
    You look adorable in the photo :)

  2. good luck in NY natali! i know exactly how u feel, i will be experiencing a similar transition soon, but whats life without taking chances ;)

  3. Don't worry! New York is WONDERFUL! You'll see!
    Have a great time there! <3
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  4. What an exciting adventure! Good luck and don't forget to enjoy yourself!


  5. Great photos

    XO Charlotte