Monday, February 28

Things you should know about Eilat

If you are considering coming to Eilat, then it is a few things you should know about this place.

1.      Dan Eilat Hotel is the best hotel in Eilat. End of discussion. At least that’s what everybody in Eilat has told me.

2.      The summer is the high season (May – September). So if you want a relaxing vacation, I recommend the off – season which is in the winter. It is also when the weather is most comfortable with 25 degrees more or less (Celsius) in the day time.

3.      There is always at least one open night club. Monday, Tuesday or Saturday, it doesn’t matter, you can still go out! Just ask the young people which club is open, because none clubs are open every single day.

4.      Tourists have to pay entrance fees when clubbing. Ridiculous high fees as well! What to do? Go with locals and you won’t have to pay. You don’t need to know anyone there, just tell them the truth. “I have to pay 100 Shekel to get in, could I go with you?” They will probably react and say “WTF, come here, I will help you.” Tadaa, you are in for free.

5.      It is not much shopping to do in Eilat, but it is one thing you can’t miss. Sunglasses! All the stores got super cheap sunglasses. Marc Jacobs, Gucci, YSL, any brands! Just note that it all are from previous seasons, so it is kinda an outlet. I got tempted and got these.

6.      The waiters on the beach are incredible hot, so remember to wear very dark sunglasses. How else can you look at them without letting them knowing you are starring?

Sunday, February 27

Miu Miu Shoes

If you are a reader of Gary Pepper Vintage, I’ll bet you have recognized her loved Miu Miu shoes. The shoes are unavailable for the moment (from what I know), but I’ve found something similar. This design is obviously very popular!  

USD 85

GBP 115

USD 552

Saturday, February 26

Friday, February 25

Sunny Eilat

Dress: a gift from my cousin
Bag: H&M
Flip Flops: Accessorize
Sunglasses: Fendi

Thursday, February 24

Back from Eilat (Israel)

I went to Eilat last week and just came home today. Even though I had a really good time, it feels
great to be home and finally sleep in my own bed. I will upload more pictures from my trip very soon, but first, SUSHI! Yummy yummy, haven’t eaten it for a WHOLE week!

Wednesday, February 16

Fashion Award

So I just got my second fashion reward! Yay!
Carrynapratiwi and Bow And Pearls gave me these awards! Thanks girls

The rules
- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your blog
- Tell us 7 things about yourself
- Award 7 recently discovered new bloggers
- Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award(s)

Seven random things about me
1.      I eat way too much sushi
2.      When I eat junk, I lose weight, and when I am healthy I gain weight.
3.      London and Melbourne are my favorite cities.

4.      I always know what I want, and have no trouble saying my mind.
5.      I HATE cucumbers.
6.      Hot chocolate with vanilla is my favorite winter drink.
7.      I can’t stop listening to the song Grenade by Bruno Mars and Resistansen by Kaizers Orchestra

I pass the awards to
Degaine, thatssoyestreday, silkybow, honestlykristen, rufflesandsequins, aestheticlounge and rosapelsblog

Monday, February 14

The result of depression

I am going through a tough time at the moment. Everything just feels wrong and complicated. If I could choose, I would like to lock myself in my tiny room forever. Unfortunately, like everyone else, I have a life to live. School, work and other important things, bleeeeh, it all sucks.

Solution? Buy everything I want! Today, I ended up with 5 new pieces!  

What do you think?  

 Dresses from Oasis
Left: 849 NOK
Right: 999 NOK

Faux leather jacket from BikBok: 499 NOK  

Dress and blazer from Zara
Dress: 999 NOK
Blazer: 999 NOK

Sunday, February 13

Somewhere There

Jeans: NNO MAX
Shoes: New York Story
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Saturday, February 12

Swatch Lady Collection

Discovered this colorful collection yesterday, bought one today.

Watch: 350 NOK

Swimsuit from Accessorize: €43

Sunday, February 6


I went out with my friends today to watch the movie Tangled. This is a great movie; it has a lot of humor with a touch of romance. I really enjoyed this movie and laughed every second. I give this movie 10 of 10. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. I am even considering watching it again on Wednesday! Heheh..  

Wednesday, February 2

Mubarak just ruined my vacation

If you remember the post when I said I was going to Egypt? Well surprise surprise. I’m not going. I don’t think I have to tell you why, because it is obvious. Demonstration, Mubarak, oh God how much I hate it. Anyway, as replacement, I have chosen Israel, Eilat. I am not 100% satisfied, but I guess its better than nothing. OR?
Dan Eilat Hotel