Wednesday, August 31

Last GoodBye

Triple Split

I just wanted to thank my lovely friends Ammal, Eva, Christian, Samehia, Sara, Stian, Tobi and Yrjan for giving me such a nice day. This is my last day in Norway before heading to Untied States. We played bowling and since everybody sucks, we all made fun of each other. Hahah. As you can see, my talent is to create splits! 

Again, triple Split

And guess who made this split.... Again.... 

Tuesday, August 30

Ma Boo - T ara

How can love change? Is it that easy?
What can I do on my own?
Oh baby, don't leave me now. 

How many times must I be hurt?
Should I wipe my tears in front of the obvious breakup?
For how much longer must I wander inside the momeries? 
Will I be able to smile even if I see you? 

Monday, August 29

University of Oslo

Top: Cubus (still available in store 199 NOK) 
Skirt: Yesstyle
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bag: Christian Dior
Bow: H&M 

New header

I just got my visa and passport! Yup, I have been nervous as crazy these last days worrying if I will get my passport and visa in time. Anyway, everything is on place now, got my apartment, visa, passport and a bit cash. I went out with Sara and Ammal yesterday and we made a new “header” together. What do you think? I am open for critics!! You don’t have to say that you like it just to be nice. After 5 minutes work with the header, we went out for dinner at Fridays.

Every day is a Friday – Natali Chen 

Sunday, August 28

Family dinner

Yesterday was my “goodbye dinner” with my family before going to New York. I bought yummy food from Nodee and macaroons and chocolate from Pascal. Yum Yum Yum, and yes, I paid for EVERYTHING. I am totally broke now, haha, 5 days before leaving…. Jeez, I can’t believe it is just a few days left before going to the big apple, I am sooo nervous. I am going to miss my family and friends so much.    

Thursday, August 25


Blazer: Zara
Skirt: BikBok
Bag: Jacob
Shoes: Yesstyle
Sunglasses: H&M

Wednesday, August 24

ColorPops -Original version

This is the photos I took for the post ColorPops. I wasn’t pleased when I went home and saw the pictures. None of the photos “Popped” any colors like I wanted. As lazy I am, I didn’t want to go out again and take more photos. In the previous, I used “testing” photos. I thought it turned to be a lot better than the originals. The light was better and made the pictures more colorful. I am still not pleased with the previous post (or this post just to mention), but who cares. Like I have many readers that care. Anyway, just wanted to show you what I was going to upload in the first place, but then changed my mind.

Tuesday, August 23


Blouse: bought in Hong Kong
Belt: bought in Thailand
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: bought in Vietnam
Bag: Jacob
Sunglasses: H&M

Monday, August 22

My Braids

I have got a lot of requests about doing a tutorial for my braids. Unfortunately, I don’t do "tutorials". The reasons are many. First of all, I don’t know how to braid. My sister is the one braiding my hair. Secondly, I don’t have a video camera and thirdly, I think it’s boring. Hehehe.




My sister used this “tutorial” and managed to copy it. So if you are good with braiding, this video will probably be good enough, but for other “normal” girls like me that don’t understand a shit even though people explains a thousand time. . ., I will ask someone on Youtube to make a tutorial. I don’t know who yet, any suggestions? Anyway, I will post the tutorial as soon as “someone” is interested.