Wednesday, September 21

Animal print or print of animals?

Animal print, wear it today and tomorrow. It is definitely IN this and next season. This trend has been among us for a quite long time, but I am feeling it will be an end next fall 2012. The stores in New York are overflowed of animal print. If you already have animal print from previous seasons, then pull them out and wear it for the last time. This is huge this fall and will still be in spring/summer, but if you don’t already have then do not buy it. The animal print will reach new highs after spring 2012 and I recommend you to buy something more artistic animal print if you want to join this trend.

Michael Kors Spring 2012 

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2011

 Mulberry Spring 2012

Carolina Herrera Spring 2012

So here is my advise 

From the closet: Anything “animal”. Prints, leather, fur (faux fur is a good option if you didn’t know, I am just saying), whatever. It works. 

Buy: Animal print that doesn’t look like at the first sight, or opposite. Prints that look like animal print, but are not when you look at it again. I just bought a new black dress from Forever21. When you first look at it, you see a shiny black dress, but when you look closer it reminds of snake skin and leather. 
Other options from Forever21

Don’t buy: Like I said, anything “animal” is IN this season, even print of animals. It has been seen on the runway and H&M have already copied it, but according to me senses, this will be a fad. The next day it is in, the next day it is out.

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  1. I got a leopard print top.
    Top you are wearing is nice! Like it. :)