Saturday, September 3

1. To New York

I am sitting on my bed in my new apartment in Manhattan. Outside the window it is a lot of cars and I can even hear all the noises from angry car drivers. After a lot of stress and pain, I am finally in New York. It started with my luggage was overweight and I had to say goodbye to 2 pair of shoes and 3 coats. While waiting at the airport, I saw my roommate coming into the waiting room at the airport (stalked her Facebook the other day, and I am pretty sure she stalked me too). I don’t know if she saw me or not, but she turned her back against me. I didn’t know if I whether should say hi or pretend I didn’t see her either. Again, so much thoughts going on in my head. Did she see me? Maybe she ignores me and don’t really like me. Pppssst… I don’t like you either bitch.
(Don’t worry, she is nice. That was just what I thought at the moment.)

11 am, boarding time. Had a lot of hand luggage to carry, omg so heavy. See, this is the moment I wish I had a boyfriend. Into the cabin, found my seat and tried to relax. Everything will be fine I thought.  Then a deep voice with an American accent said on the speaker
-         - Miss Natali My, please contact the staff if you are in the cabin. I believe I have your passport
Wow, that’s the best. How clumsy can I be? I walked to the front of the plane and then the flight attendant asked
-         - How bad do you want to go to America? Not so very bad I guess since you lose your passport this easy.
So embarrassing! 


  1. haha! I don't like you either bitch! LOL

    *nice view :)

  2. omg, thank god u got ur passport in the end!

  3. wow what a post. thanks for sharing your thoughts. i wish u all the best for your time in new york, there's a lot to see:)


  4. Glad that you made it to the US, now you can begin your Fashion Adventures in America :D NYC is amazing!

    All the best <3

  5. Thanks for sharing your thought! Like this post! :D

  6. Wow, thank God you got your passport! It will be such a headache is you didn't get it back.

    ***** Marie *****