Friday, September 30

Outfit Post

Blazer: Zara
Blouse: H&M
Stockings: Capelli New York
Bag: Jacobs (NOT Marc Jacobs, duh)

Thursday, September 29

Tao restaurant review

“Tao, the largest and most popular Asian restaurant in New York City, was created to offer guests a sensual trip through the cuisines of Asia. From the moment one enters, they are transported to another world designed to relax and indulge all the senses. Open since fall 2000, this action packed venue hasn't lost one bit of its buzz. Tao is frequented by celebrities on a regular basis from Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Ricky Martin, Robert DeNiro, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Madonna, Paris Hilton and members of the N.Y. Yankees, Giants and Rangers” -

Well, I don’t know about that. Just because celebrities like this place, does it means it is a good place? Tao was a nice place, but I am sorry fans, this place has got more credit than it deserves. I mean, since when was Britney Spears a food expert? 

Here is my review. The REAL review.
The food was good, standard good Chinese food. Nothing special with no new twists that made a statement. Tao is just another Asian restaurant with a big Buddha sitting next to you.  I can name at least 10 different restaurants with the exact same thing. Besides the boring dishes, I must say I have never seen uglier presentation which gave a very VERY bad first impression. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t thrilled by the food?  

And I quote “They are transported to another world designed to relax and indulge all the senses.” Designed to relax? How can I relax when it is a DJ playing loud music? I had to scream just to make a conversation with my friend. The service wasn’t spectacular either. It was, I don’t know. Like other normal Chinese restaurant? I also had to wait till 9.30pm to get a table even though I made a reservation for 9.00pm. 

You are not convinced? You are still going to check out Tao (and Ricky Martin) the next time you are in New York? In that case, stay away from Crispy Orange Chicken. It tasted a bit better than KFC chicken, but I wouldn’t pay 30USD to get something that is “a little better than KFC”. I also got Satay of Chicken with Peanut Sauce. I ate it with Squab Lettuce Wraps, which was good. 

Ok, so this place didn’t get a good review, but I am willing to give them a new chance. Next week probably. Then I will take photos (so you can see how bad the presentations are) and try some of the desserts, which I didn’t this time.

Wednesday, September 28

9. Facebook and dating-stuff

Facebook has taken over our lives. Well, at least my life. I spend way too much time on Facebook. I have to check my Facebook all the time. Anyway, that was not what I was going to talk about. What I am going to talk about is; we live in a crazy world. We live in a craaazyy craazyy world. 

So I met this cute guy, let’s call him Martin (not his real name, but people like to sue here and let’s not take any risks). Martin and I went for some coffee together. From my point of view it was hanging out, but I presume he didn’t see it in the same way. I woke up this morning and checked my Facebook as usual and it was there I got the fantastic news (Facebook; better than VG, better than The Times). Martin was in a relationship! Oh no, it gets better. He was in a relationship with ME. What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK? 

Ok, so we weren’t in a relationship on Facebook, duh, because I didn’t accept the request. But helloooo, I got a relationship request on Facebook after seeing this guy once (?). How can a guy that looks like Abercrombie & Fitch model be a freak? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. 

PS: just some tips to the guys. No matter how handsome you look. Never ever in any circumstances ask a girl “so, what else do you want to know about me?” 

I totally froze, I mean. What do you answer to that? What the hell do you answer to that? Any suggestions??   

Every Day is a Party Day

 I am screwed. I don’t know which day it is anymore. Every day is just the same. Dining out, parties and shopping. Poor little me, I had to party on a Tuesday, and I had to do it for free. It was so difficult to drink all the alcohol we got. Gosh, life is so tough sometimes. Don't you think? What about studying you say? Well, Nigel Barker was at FIT the other day and I was there, wasn’t I? So yeah, shut up, I study very hard!  

Tuesday, September 27


I have been craving for macarons for a while. Last time I ate good macarons was in Australia last summer. It is so hard to find that where I live, but I recon I don’t have to worry about that anymore. New York, a place with everything you can imagine. At least when it comes to food. Anyway, I went to Ladurée with Kamilla this afternoon and got a couple of macarons. I got vanilla, chocolate, rose petal, pistachio, coconut and grape and cinnamon. The vanilla was heaven, but I think it is because I LOVE vanilla in general. Rosa petal was really weird. It tasted like roses (?). Hmm, I still have to think about that, whether if I like it or not. The chocolate was really "heavy", I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you LOVE chocolate. When that is said, we loved the place.  We both got so sad when the box was empty. No more macarons. We are definitely coming back. 

Address: 862 Madison (71st street)

8. I just met Nigel Barker

Oh yeah! I love New York. I love New York and Nigel Barker. He is so so HOT, but so so MARRIED. ( I am sorry Anette, I just had to steal your quote). He was at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and had this long speech about bla bla bla. I don't know, I didn't listen. His butt distracted me.

Oh by the way. Did anyone watch Gossip Girl tonight?? I think that Dan is in love with Blair, and Blair won't marry that prince and Chuck will die. Hahhaha, Ok maybe Chuck won't die...but almost.

Saturday, September 24

7. Ippudo, the best ramen in New York

I went to Ippudo yesterday and got “New York’s best ramen”. I feel a bit proud of it since it is impossible to get a table there. It was crowded and the waiting time was way too long. I think I waited for more than 2 hours, that’s crazy isn’t it? It is also impossible to make a reservation. The ramen tasted good, but that was the first time I have had one so I don’t really know what is good and what’s not, but the pork bun! That was amazing! I have never eaten better pork bun in my whole life, and I am an Asian!

 Urgh, another bad photo. I blame my ugly IPhone!

Address: 65 Fourth Avenue (Between 9th and 10th Street)

Sushi of Gari, authenticity at its best

For four years, I have worked in many different sushi restaurants. I have eaten sushi frequently for 10 years, and when I say frequently I mean 3-4 times a week in average. Sushi is one of the few things you can never get fed off. If you do, you haven’t eaten great sushi. So I went to this sushi restaurant called Sushi of Gari. Gari is the name of the sushi chief that started this avant-garde sushi restaurant. He wanted the costumers to enjoy the sushi without dipping too much soy sauce that kills the real taste of sushi. His concept is to sauce the sushi directly during the preparation stage. This meant the diners will get the perfect amount of sauce in each sushi piece.

Do you feel guilty for dipping the whole sushi with soy sauce now? After serving sushi all these years, I have recognised that people ask for too much soy sauce, especially take-away. One of my bosses used to say that they like to drink the soy sauce, while another thought it was bullshit. He believed they took a bath in it.

Each nigiri piece was an explosion of flavours. Every single piece tasted different. I really can’t imagine better sushi than what I have eaten at Sushi of Gari, and trust me; I know what I am talking about. I have eaten a lot of sushi from all over the world. 

I would recommend “Omasake” which means the chief will select for you, each piece will be different and is a great way to taste the menu. I think I ate something between 20-25 pieces and all were unique. I don’t remember all of the nigiris I got, but one of them was salmon with onion cream and roasted tomato which tasted amazing. Everything was just perfect together.  


PS: just a little honestly here. If you are one of those that believe you love sushi but eat premade sushi, then don’t bother to spend your money on this. You still don’t know what sushi is.

Adress: 402 East 78th Street New York, NY 10075
There are also one at Columbus and one at 46th street.

Not in New York? Gari has also a restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan.

Friday, September 23

Thursday, September 22

Super quick post

Today's outfit. I am sorry for the bad pictures, but my lovely sister (photographer) is not here with me. Oh, I miss her so much!!

Luis Machicao

Wednesday, September 21

Animal print or print of animals?

Animal print, wear it today and tomorrow. It is definitely IN this and next season. This trend has been among us for a quite long time, but I am feeling it will be an end next fall 2012. The stores in New York are overflowed of animal print. If you already have animal print from previous seasons, then pull them out and wear it for the last time. This is huge this fall and will still be in spring/summer, but if you don’t already have then do not buy it. The animal print will reach new highs after spring 2012 and I recommend you to buy something more artistic animal print if you want to join this trend.

Michael Kors Spring 2012 

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2011

 Mulberry Spring 2012

Carolina Herrera Spring 2012

So here is my advise 

From the closet: Anything “animal”. Prints, leather, fur (faux fur is a good option if you didn’t know, I am just saying), whatever. It works. 

Buy: Animal print that doesn’t look like at the first sight, or opposite. Prints that look like animal print, but are not when you look at it again. I just bought a new black dress from Forever21. When you first look at it, you see a shiny black dress, but when you look closer it reminds of snake skin and leather. 
Other options from Forever21

Don’t buy: Like I said, anything “animal” is IN this season, even print of animals. It has been seen on the runway and H&M have already copied it, but according to me senses, this will be a fad. The next day it is in, the next day it is out.

Tuesday, September 20

Trends and Fads

From now on, I will start to write about trends and fads. I think there are too many blogs and magazines out there that have all these trend reports about what’s in and what’s out, but they never tell what’s in today but out tomorrow. Don’t you just hate it when your new purchase are on sale next week? Do you remember the Juicy Couture sweat suit or the Harem pants in 2009? Anyone here that is guilty? Well yeah, let's avoid them, or at least be aware.
I hope my monthly (or weekly, I haven’t decided yet) Trends and Fads articles will be helpful to distinguish the trends and fads in the future.  

Monday, September 19

Couture Fashion Week: 4pm show

Luis Machicao (USA/Peru)

Zahra Couture (The Netherlands/Morocco)

6. Couture Fashion Week: FIRST ROW

Finally I got the first row! Thanks to the bad ushers, there were many single empty seats on the first row and it was really important to fill them out because of the cameras. That didn’t happen yesterday when I was the usher (proud).So my job today at the fashion show was just sitting on the front row and makes the whole thing look good. I just love it when they come to me and say “I need you to do me a favour, go over there and sit on the front row”. I will just upload some (bad) pictures I took today (who said IPhone4 has a good camera, so not true) and the videos will come later.

You will see that the photos are from different views, but that’s basically because I got different front seats for different shows.

I will list up the different designer on my next post with the videos. Hope you guys had a nice weekend too!

Sunday, September 18

Couture Fashion Week: Second row

I got the second row! I still wish I got the front row though. The only reason why some volunteers got to sit and watch the fashion shows was because of the camera purposes. I wasn’t able to take many photos because of my stupid IPhone camera, but I recorded all the finals (with poor quality, hehe). Some are from the second row and some from the balcony. Enjoy! 

 Mireille Dagher

Walid Atallah

Pilar Macchione

YB Couture by Yana Benhuri