Thursday, September 8

Fashion's Night Out Offcial Collection

Hello guys! It’s FNO in New York tonight. I am so excited, this is the very first time I am actually attending this. I went to Macy’s straight after the classes and got 2 FNO shirts, obviously I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. But who cares? 40 % of the money goes to New York City AIDS anyway, a very good reason to buy 2, even though I only need one! 


  1. yay!!! i bought one last year. Im to broke to get another one this year haha omg how was your FNO?! I want to hear!!

  2. Both of them are nice! I like them.
    I did bought clothes from a shop that 10% of the money goes to the charity. :)

  3. Awesome that you get to go!!! Have fun and take loads of pics!

    Ongoing giveaway!

  4. man everyone is talking about this!! I so envy you!!! The shirt is chic ^^