Friday, April 22

Rome wasnt built in a day

Hi everybody! I am finally home, and for those that are a little confused, my home is in Oslo. I love Oslo, but unfortunately not enough. So once again, I ran away and ended up in Rome. Last time I was in Italy was in 2007 (Sicilia) and I must say I like Rome a lot more, hehe. I ate pizza and ice cream every single day. After eating the real deal, I finally realized that I have been eating shit the past 15 years, more or less.

The only thing that was better than the pizza and ice cream was the shopping! Unbelievable!....
I will update what I have bought very soon, but first, DINNER.    

Me eating pizza on the Spanish Steps!

St. Peter's of Rome

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Hahah! I travelled with two giants btw. I swear, I am the normal one!
Trevi Fountain



  1. looks like u had fun, great looks! :)

    xo Emma

  2. Wow...gorgeous pics!Love every single one!Your outfits are great!xoxo

  3. i love your blog.. your pictures are awesome!
    this is my first time coming across your blog and i love it.

    check out my blog and pls follow if you like:)


  4. You're so cute and you have an awesome blog :) Rome looks like fun!
    xo Ambre

  5. great post! followed ya!

    check out my new post! thanks dear

  6. Lovely photos looks like a lot of fun :) I would love to visit Rome!

  7. Oh I´m so jealous ! I would love to be in rome too. You´re so cute !

    xx nat

  8. SO jealous of all the traveling you do! And of your white scalloped edge shirt! You look adorable :D


  9. Nice photo ;) You look great ;**

  10. u are so lucky to go to Rome !