Wednesday, April 13

Babysitting, then cinema

Today was an amazing day! First I went to my sister’s house and watched my niece and nephew a little. We made delicious homemade pizza! Ok, so we didn’t make it. My sister made the dough, and all I did was the topping after she left. But still!! I put it in the oven without burning the house!

After the babysitting, I went back to the city to watch a movie with a friend, Red Riding Hood. It wasn’t as expected, and I was kind of disappointed. The worst part is that I chose the movie, so my friend kept complaining.

-.-‘ I will definitely not choose the movie next time.


  1. Woaaaah your pizza looks professional! What toppings did you use???

  2. too bad the movie didn't turn out right, at least u get to eat those amazingly looking pizzas!

  3. The movie was ok, but I wouldn't watch it again!