Monday, April 25

Blonde Asian

As you know, I am from Norway and I will graduate from upper secondary school this spring. In Norway, we use almost a month to celebrate that we are graduating.

During these three weeks “ceremony” we do a lot of crazy stuff such as;
  • Answering every question the teacher asks by reading out loud from a porn magazine.
  • Speak a language other than Norwegian for an entire day.
  • Drink a beer while having two tampons in your mouth.
  • Order a meal from McDonalds or Burger King without using vowels.
  • Have safe sex outdoors.
Well, yeah, the list is endless and the whole point of it is to make crazy ugly and beautiful memories from high school. To remember MY time as a senior student, I thought I could start these three weeks by dying my hair blonde, but I need your permission to do that!

I have got so many great comments from you guys about my classy style, and it warms my hearth. I promise to go back to my old classy look after the graduating period!  

If you want to see me as a blonde Asian girl during my three weeks celebrating period, please like my Forever Bachelorette page on Facebook, or attend the event.

Link to the event.

If I reach up to 250 people till Friday, you will see me do this project! I will make videos of this whole project!  


  1. WOAH. WOAH. Blonde asians is something quite special! Hahah.

    Så du er russ i år? :) Du får kose deg!

  2. Yess!! Er russ i år! Så dette blir spennende å se om det blir en vandrende blond asian jente i Oslo!

  3. holy crap how fun! and you make a killer blonde!

  4. i just found your blog and i think its so cute! however PLEASE DON'T GO BLONDE! i love love how classy and audrey hepernisque you look. ill like your FB page but dont do haha im following, hope you can check me out.

    by the way i like the way you guys celebrate senior year wayyyy better than in the states. the tampons and beer made me laugh. id love to see you document that haha


  5. you look so cute with blonde hair!!! joined the event already :D


  6. haha Norge Norge^^, U look great blond!!! :)

    xo Emma

  7. Very cute blog~ You look lovely!


  8. Haha wow, crazy idea. However, I think it's really hard for an Asian to go blonde without having to bleach a BUNCH of times to finally lighten the color. And then that would be permanent. Going blonde might be fun if it's temporary, but temporary dye probably won't show up too much on dark hair like our's. Good luck with your decision. Def post pictures if you go through with it!

    Style Soufflé

  9. Seriously, why did I think you were from New Zealand? I'm not big on Asians dying their hair blonde, but this gal looks cute. I suppose if brunette/raven-haired non-Asains can do it, why not Asians? I prefer red, but I haven't dyed my hair in ages.
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  10. haha you crazy girl!! do it!
    I gave you an award :D Check it out !

  11. Thank you so much!
    I love your blog:)

  12. If you really want to, you should do it :) I'm sure it's going to look cute and if not: simply dye it dark again.

  13. ♥Love your post.) So nice.) ♥

  14. So much fun! Crossed fingers but I'm sure it will look good on you!

  15. Do it! But please get it done professionally. I did mine and I totally ruined my hair. I went blonde for about a week, but that was the longest time I could manage it. It's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun!
    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights