Wednesday, April 27

§40 - eat a burger in two bites

Like I have told you before, this is my senior year and we do a lot of crazy things to celebrate it, we are Norwegians after all! We get over 100 different missions that we have to accomplish during May. Not all of them, because that is impossible, but as much as possible.
Please follow my journey as a RUSS of Norway 2011!  

Today I did my first “mission”, eating a burger in only two bites!


  1. this is kind of funny! at the beginning i was skeptical you'd be able to finish the burger in 2 bites. surprised you did !

  2. Hahaha impressive! This crazy senior thing looks like so much fun. You're adorable (even when stuffing a burger into your face, haha).

    Style Soufflé

  3. Hi darling!
    What a lovely blog you have here! Lots of nice pictures and great inspiration.. Thanks for sharing, and keep it up babe!
    Wanna be followers? Let me know!

    Love from Stockholm... xoxo!

  4. Lol so funny! I have never tried to do that before!

  5. Hahaha nice video! I love it.

    Hugs from:

  6. Pretty impressive! Haha love the elated look on your face when you did it. Nice job!

  7. Wow I wouldn't be able to do it this was pretty funny I must say
    - Gaby

    From Rags to Glam