Thursday, April 14

Brunch; Nodee

I woke up late today (as usual) and of course it wasn’t anything to eat at home. I had no choice but eating out, dam it! Once again, I had brunch which is a bad bad habit. Unhealthy for my body and my wallet. I went to Nodee today, my absolutely favorite restaurant in Oslo with good reviews from the Michelin Guide.
Silver needle tea, my absolutely favorite tea!

The service of this place is excellent. When I ordered my dessert, I got a little disappointed because they changed the sorbet to another flavor. After I finished it all, I asked what happened to the wasabi ice cream, and 30 seconds later, I got it, and of course my waiter didn’t charge me. Did I mention he is totally handsome? Not only handsome, but he also has a lovely deep “Hollywood voice”. Love love love!

The lounge

The Zen-room

Main hall

After the brunch, I went for a little shopping. I didn’t buy anything though, because I am so broke! No more shopping on me…till next week :D Hehhee…

During this day I was wearing:

Cardigan: Mango
Dress: Stylekelly
Bag: Dior
Bracelet: Hermes
Watch: Calvin Klein


  1. You look adorable in polka dots. I've never had silver needle tea b4 but I love tea so I'll have to order it next time:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. I love tea
    you little Dior bag is so cuteeeee!


  3. yummmmm your brunch looks SO YUMMY!! i think the sacrifice was worth it because it looks so delicious haha

    heart your polka dot dress!!!

  4. The food looks delish! Wasabi ice cream..never tasted that! Gotta try it!...Lovely bag!

    The Black Label

  5. beyond love your hermes bracelet, i've been wanting one forever!


  6. Mimi: Silwer needle is amazing! It is sweeter compared to other types, thats why I prefer it, but its very hard to find real good Silwer Needle though.

    Andres Corella: Wasabi ice cream is very weird, but I kind of like it, heheh. One big spoone is enough, it tastes a lot!

  7. food looks so good, LOVE your polka dot dress so so cute!!!! :)

    xo Emma

  8. hey hun, thanks for coming by my blog!

    looks like you had an amazing day!


  9. I adore brunch. :) It is always feels like a special little treat to me.

    Love your outfit. You look amazing.

  10. I love the sleeves poking out of the cardi! With the knee socks it's like sexy librarian chic... super cute :) It's nice to meet you, your blog is great! I'm officially following!

  11. Great blog and you have such natural style!
    What on earth is silver needle tea? Any taste comparisons, like green or an herbal....just curious :)

  12. thank you for your suggestion in my blog:D next post i will do it.
    wasabi ice cream? i think that wasabi is Japaneses chili right? what does it look like?
    btw, lovely outfit. nice black polka dot and love your Hermes bracelet <3

  13. I love silver needle tea too:) You look so cute, I love your polka-dot dress! You have a great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  14. That place looks amazing!Yummy food!Love your outfit!Great dress!xoxo

  15. wow!the food looks so good!!
    lovely look so nice!!
    have a nice day, dear.

  16. The food looks delish and lovely outfit.

  17. Very cute post!
    Thank you for the comment! x

  18. i love your dress!
    love the polkadots!
    and it looks so nice there!

    ihave a new outfit post!
    maybe you can check?
    everyday a new post

    xo mir.

  19. Love your dress dear...^^
    you look so cute...

    dear follow back pls...xoxo..:P

  20. i am absolutely in love with your polka dot dress!! ahh
    i love your blog!
    so witty!

    check it out! =]