Wednesday, October 5

The Starbucks guy

What’s wrong with people sometimes? Why don’t you get it? Are you stupid retarded airhead? I have met many people in my life, but I have never met someone that is like plain yoghurt. Hmm, weird metaphor, I didn’t get it myself. Anyway, so I met this Asian guy at Starbucks last week. He started to talk to me while I tried to not be late for the class and still get my daily cappuccino. I thought he was cute and since I was rushing, I just gave him my number. You know, I just want to make friends in America. It can’t hurt, can it? 

So I tried to catch up with him today, again at Starbucks. After small talking a bit I asked him
-          So how long have you been in the States?
-          Uhm, I was born here.
Embarrassiiing. Really? You were born here and still you have a heavy Chinese accent? Anyway, that wasn’t annoying as his weak voice. I CAN’T HEAR YOU MAN.
Lesson #1: When a girl keeps say “hm? What did you say?” or “Say it again please?”.  That means she can’t hear you!! I got so pissed after a half cappuccino and said it straight away. I CAN’T hear you, speak louder please!!! And still, he kept talking like poo.
Why isn’t it enough to pinch you? Why do you have to make me bitch slap you before you get it?  

Oh yeah, another thing. I am not a complicated girl. If I say that you don’t have to walk me home, it actually means you don’t have to. In fact, I rather you not to, especially when I mention the subway 6 times and keep asking which line you are taking to get home.   

Urgh, I should stop trying to make friends at Starbucks. … or give my phone number to the world.


  1. It was funny reading this little story!Come on...maybe he liked you and he wanted to be a gentleman:)) I understand you, you re right, but don t give your phone number to strangers!It might send the wrong message!

  2. I feel for you.

    I happen to have a very similar situation with yours. :)

  3. hahaha i just looove this story! hilarious.