Thursday, October 13

Edit: Hardcore study DAY

So I was lying... Kind of... It wasn't a study WEEK, but more like a DAY, but do you know what? One day studying is like... I don't know. I am bad with metaphors. Anyway, the point is; to sit down and read a book is very difficult for me. I don't know, I might have ADHD or something, or maybe dyslexia. So how did I pass high school? Well, I am a genius with ADHD or/and dyslexia I guess. Hahah, Anyway, after a shitty day like this, I so deserve a Shake Shack double cheese burger and a coke.

Simon (my roommate's friend from Norway) got some Norwegian candy to me as well. Yay, more calories. I should be worry about my weight, or actually. I shouldn't. Everybody is getting fatter in the States anyway, so why try to go against destiny?


  1. man thats one HUGE burger~ looks good!

  2. I feel for you. this week is our examination week for final and I didn't study a bit. haha