Wednesday, October 12

Hardcore Study Week

Coffee coffee, this week will be a hardcore study week. A reminder to not wait till last minute. I never learn do I....
My midterm exam is tomorrow and I figured it out YESTERDAY. Since I came to New York, I haven’t opened my books till now. This is my new high score, sitting inside and studying for a whole day. This is so boring!!! I am really NOT a “study” person. Never been and will never be. 

 This is a photo from high school in a math class. Yup, one of the few Asians that do not like math.


  1. haha funny:) i'm also a last-minute girl! but somehow i just need the pressure to do something...


  2. Pff...good luck with that,honey!

  3. All the best with your studying...and coffee intake! ;) I am sure you will be FAB and do really well!

    Liesl :)