Monday, October 10

Home Sweet Home

Back to the city! I spent my weekend in Washington DC this weekend and just came home yesterday night. It was a looong trip home. The bus stopped and we were stuck in nowhere. It was like in the movies. The bus stops, and then the zombies will kill us. Half of us died, but not because of the zombies, in fact they never showed up. We died because of the heat; the aircon was off in 45 minutes or something. It was horrible, I really think I rather be killed by some zombies than the awful air in the bus. Some just HAD to eat Doritos. 

Anyway, my romie and I survived and we made some “healthy” popcorn. So typical her to buy whole grain bullshit without butter. So yeah, we spent the night watching Gossip Girl and ate popcorn.
Photos from the trip will be uploaded soon. Have a nice Columbus Day! 

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