Monday, July 4

Thailand, Phuket

12 hours on the plane, just to get to Phuket, it was so worth it, NOT. So many people, so many tourists and a lot of people selling useless stuff. This is the reason why I always avoid typical tourist places. I am not exactly in love with the place we are staying either. I can´t say it is ugly, but its nothing like a luxury hotel. I am so lucky to have "the view".... to the swimming pool. GREAT! -.-´ (sarcasm).

You might think "thats not so bad" by looking at this picture, but seriously. The view to the swimming pool is kind of the high light of today. Anyway, I wish I never joined my sister and "her" family to Thailand. Honestly, I rather stay home with my friends. Lets see if there is any guys here in Phuket that can change my mind.