Sunday, July 3

Ready for a LONG vacation?

As I have told you, I am going to Thailand today. I will stay there for 3 weeks... Normally, I would be very excited, but I this time. Uurgh, I have forgotten to get some papers for my visa to the States and the deadline is 10th July, or was it 8th? ANYWAY, the point is, how the hell can I fix everything when I am in Thailand. Bleeeeeehhh, I knew I have forgotten something. 

Instead of staying home to get my visa documents translated to English, I have been shopping for this trip. 

Some books to read, in case I get bored. REALLY bored. 

Bodyshop products

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  1. LOL at your book list
    Haha you have fun ok ? tell me how it went after

    thank you for commenting on my blog, sorry it took a long time for me to reply.

    visit me !