Sunday, July 10

My first date in Thailand

I went out with Tai (a Thai bartender I met my first day out) and he was supposed to pick me up at 7pm. I looked at the time, it was only 5pm. "Plenty of time, lets play Tetris meanwhile" I said to myself. About 5 minutes later, my phone was ringing. Damn, I lost a star in Tetris Battle on Facebook. Who shitty is calling me NOW? When miss Tetris Guru is playing? It was Tai, I picked the phone
- Im outside your hotel
- What? Why? I thought you said 7pm!
- No, I am working at 7pm.
Great, the date starts with a misunderstanding already. He better be cute in daytime outside the nightclub. You know, everybody looks better when you use alcohol-glasses in the dark. I rushed and applied some make-up and lots of perfume. I didnt have the time to shower, soooo....

I ran out as fast I could (to not be caught by my brother in law). He stood there next to his red motorbike with his helmet under the arm. Totally hot. What can be more romantic than a couple riding a motorbike? The date went well, we watched Thai boxing together (very unusual and BORING, but I am in Thailand after all and I guess I should watch it at least once).  He also worked at the boxing stadium besides at Tiger (the nightclub I met him). Obviously, we got everything for free. Free entrance, free drinks, free snacks. Hehe, I guess I am a professional when it comes to get free stuff. We didnt talk much, since his English SUCKS! But hey, he is cute! Who needs to talk when you have something nice to look at. Tall, tanned with the cutest smile ever. . . Reminds me of my xbf (oh no, bad sign).

At 7 o´clock, he had to go back to work and I left the stadium without the hottest Thai guy I have ever met. I walked to Bangla Road (Phuket´s partying road, where you can find all the clubs). On the way to Bangla, I guy stopped me. "Are you going alone girl?" he asked. Is this guy blind? There is no one else here and I answered "Does it looks like I am walking with anybody?"
- Hehe, I think its dangerous for a girl to walk alone here
- No, you kidding (sarcasm)
- Are you going to Bangla? I can walk you there
- I am fine!!
He didnt listen to me and walked behind me without saying anything. I freaked out and tried to walk as fast I could. He kept following. Oh my Lord, he is going to rape me. Eeeww, in Thailand. Suddenly, when I looked up, I was already at Bangla road. I turned around and saw the guy smile to me and walked away. He didnt do anything, he just walked with me to make sure I was ok. I ran to him and gave him my phone number. I dont know why, but I felt he was cute.

Bangla road in Phuket (not my photo, I just googled it)

Back to Bangla road, more shots, more tequila and more fun. For FREE. Free entrance to all the clubs and free drinks of course.
Note: If you are going to Phuket and dont want to pay entrance fee like me then;
1. Go a little early, they wont ask for entrance fee then.
2. You can also just walk normally, no eye contact with the securities or any that works there. Just walk pass by them and into the club.
3. OR, you can look for people that hand out coupons/free entrance ticket.

After countless tequila shots, I was wasted. Damn, not again! Something something happened. And then something something happened. I just remember that I puked twice. Eeeeeeww! Disgusting.

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