Tuesday, July 12

Lets go crazy tonight

I went out with my cousin (an innocent girl) yesterday. I guess I am like an evil devil that makes good girl bad. At first, she thought we were just going out to eat, but what she didnt know was, I took her out to eat so she can handle alcohol better! 

The cutest dog ever! 

Seduction (a nightclub)

Then we sneaked us in a hotel, went to the roof and found a swimming pool. I was going to attend a pool party, but they closed it before I got there because of the rain. I got so disappointed! I was ready with bikini and everything! So I just had to find a pool. After sneaking in a pool, we found a lovely car and we just had to steal it. Haha, ok, so we didnt steal it, but we did ask the owner of the car and his friend to take us around. After they dropped us at nowhere, we saw two cute guys on a moped and we asked them to get us back in Bangla road. Hahah, 4 people on a moped. I am still surprised that we didnt end up in jail or dead. The guys were so cute. They gave us a rose each after the long night. 


  1. fun pics, food looks yummy!!! :D

    xo Emma


  2. wow sounds like a fun night out! ^^

  3. Very interesting pics! It looks like a lots of fun!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.