Friday, July 8

Girls´night out

"Uuurgh I never going to drink again" was the first sentence I said today. Something we all say a thousands times, but we never quit. I woke up next to a guy on a sofa at a random hotel (nooo, nothing happened). How the hell did I end up there? Ok, so it all started with some tequila, salt and lemon.....

I got shots after shots for free because I kept nagging to the bartender about the price (so Asian). 
"Ok, then I buy you a few shots ok?" said the bartender. 
Hahaha, wow, my sad puppy face is really good I guess? Or maybe it was just because I was too annoying! Anyway, it started from getting free shots from the bartender, then some guys. I got really hyper and danced waaaaay too much. I think I ruin it for the Thai girls? LOL
Then I got along with an Australian guy and we went to watch some gogo shows (haha, it was a little creepy, an old lady kept putting things in her tits, even a BIRD, a living BIRD). 

More drinks, more shots, and I started to feel dizzy, so he walked me to his hotel (I live quite far away). His room was great, it was huge, clean, pretty with a beautiful view. We talked for a while, then two of his mates came home with 2girls and 1gay boy. The gay boy came to fuck my new Australian friend. Hahah! It freaked him out and he ran away out of the room somewhere, I dunno. While he was gone, his mates threw me out of the room. WTF? 
"No sex, no room for you here" they said. Double WTF? Who does that? Throwing a girl out in the middle of the night? 
(I have pictures of those assholes, but I do not think its a good idea to show the world who they are. Not that I respect them or anything, I am just scared to be sued, hahah) 
My so called new friend came back and saw me sitting outside the room crying. Of course he got weak, everybody gets weak when they see a "helpless" girl crying (my master weapon). He fought a little with his mates and they got really pissed off. Wow, I am coming between their friendship already, bad bad sign. At the end, we slept together on the sofa (AGAIN, nothing happened, we only snuggled a little).

I know it was stupid of me to not go home, even though it far away, but somehow, I just like trouble. Trouble is good, it gives me a story to tell. So for more trouble, I accepted a date with a Thai boy I met yesterday. He is going to pick me up at 7 o´clock. His English is not exactly impressive, but who cares. He is cute. Wish me good luck!