Thursday, November 25

Shopping is totally necessary

The Lanvin collection was available in H&M stores on Tuesday, and of course I didn't miss it. I loved the design, especially the dresses. The only thing that disappointed me was the fabric. Not a good choice in my opinion. Even though I didn’t like the dresses, I got home with a beautiful and creative T-shirt from the collection.

A Lanvin T-shirt wasn’t the only thing I bought. Who can go to the mall and buy ONE thing? Not me! I also bought a jacket, shoes, socks, gloves, tights and a cardigan to prepare myself for this winter.

G-star (male) jacket and leather Converse

Everything from H&M

Morris leather gloves

Mango cardigan


  1. You know, there have been lots of comments about the fabrics for the Lanvin + H&M collection, about it not being the quality it was expected...too bad...anyways your shirt is amazing and the other things you bought are amazing as well....I kinda have a love/hate relationship with your converse..I mean I LOVE converse got like four pairs and I want more ha!...but its just I can´t stand white haha xD...even though great shopping!!


  2. Wow, thats the best. I am just the oppsite to you Andrés. I usually hate Converse (on me), but I LOVE white. So I just had to buy my first pair!

  3. The cardi is cute and so are the gloves!! And of course, your Lanvin for H&M tee!!

  4. So glad your back you changed your blog, oh I like the new name. I changed my layout, I wanted it nice and bright for Christmas. Oh I love the Lanvin top (outfit post plz) hope your well kitten and glad to see you back and blogging xxxx Hugs xxxx P.s LOVING the gloves xxxxxx

  5. You bought some great things! Love he gloves and so glad you posted your most recent pic with the new h & m tights.

    PS I'm a new follower now,,,feel free to do the same if you like;)