Monday, November 1

Gifts for brothers

Since none of my family members know anything about this blog, I can gladly share with you what I have bought or will buy to them this Christmas.

I have two brothers, one is 37 years old, the other is 28. It is hard to find a good gift to them both and I have failed many times, but not this year. I have finally found gifts that they will love.

Simple purple couple shirt with Apple logo
This is to my oldest brother. He is one of those that loves Apple. Mac, Iphone, Ipod. He has anything from Apple. He is so desperate that even once, he wanted the newest Iphone and bought one fake by accident. Hahah! So this shirt will be perfect for him and his wife. I hope you never get fed of apples bro!

McQ By Alexander McQueen scarf
Since the shirt is more like a funny gift, I have to buy him a properly gift. A beautiful and stylish scarf.

Slim shirt
The other brother is very slim. He can't find shirts that fits him. Even Xsmall is too big. So? The solution is to buy him a shirt from Asia that will fit him perfectly.

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  1. You're a very thoughtful gift giver. These items are all just lovely.