Monday, November 22

Malaga summer 2008

The weather is horrible lately. I just can’t stand wearing 10kg clothes every day. No heels, no ballerinas, no anything that looks good. This is just the beginning of the winter, but I already miss the sun. Because of the depression, I went through old memorable photos. I found pictures from Malaga, a relaxing and beautiful place with cute people that kept staring at me.
Haha, I don’t know why, maybe it is because I am Asian or something?

Here are some photos from that trip.

Don’t you miss the summer as well? 


  1. Wow, these pictures look amazing! I know how you feel about winter clothes, sometimes I feel like a shapeless (but warm!) blob with the amount of layers you need to put on.


  2. You look so cuuteee!!

  3. Oh yes I miss summer like crazy, can't wait for next summer :D Great pics btw, thanks for bringing back some summer memories... :)


  4. Totally miss the in Michigan it is cold and miserable as well. Makes me never even want to look cute.

  5. You look adorbs! I love the last picture:)

  6. Thanks for the comments. I wish I was from Australia right now!! I want summer in Jan!!