Saturday, November 6

Shopping in London as a tourist

London is an amazing city for fashion victims. I personally have to go there every year, and I usually end up with 4 times a year. After being there so many times, I have learnt some “rules” that I think come handy. Are you going to London very soon? Then keep reading…

London spring 2010
Rules in London by Natali Wells

   1. It is always raining in London. ALWAYS! No matter what. Don’t be played by the sun that appears in the morning and you think it will be a beautiful day. You will be so wrong. I have many times got home wet and cold wearing shorts.

   2. Always look right when crossing a street. RIGHT! Many British drivers have sworn to me because I keep looking on the left, and I still do. It is just a habit.

   3. Don’t go out for shopping on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Do that on Monday – Thursday to avoid the big crowd. It is literally impossible to buy anything on a busy Saturday.

4.  Remember to get tax free when shopping. If you buy for more than £30 and live outside the European Union you can get 12 % of the sales price on refund.
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5.   Take with you a lot of money!! Because London is the greatest city and you will find more nice things than you expect.


  1. cute blog dear, please check out mine, it's new and i need followers, hope to hear from you soon

  2. It was so funny to read Rules for London, its so true what you wrote, i live in London so i know it all so well.....

    Rain ,rain rain....sun then rain..... hahah

  3. Thanks! I just LOVE London, I see it as my second home!

  4. I agree, bring a jacket no matter how sunny it seems.