Sunday, November 27

Silver Towers sucks

New Yorkers are known to be busy and the city is always crowded with a lot of stressful people trying to get through the tourist that is blocking OUR way. They always say “Time is money”, well at least Donald Trump likes to say that. I might not be a real New Yorker, but I believe my schedule is pretty busy compared to most people. I have things to do, people to meet and I rather not let them see me with greasy hair.
So take a shower!! Well, it is not that easy when the bath is not working properly. I called the reception this morning and they told me that it will be fixed soon. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what “soon” means.

The New York definition of soon: 7 hours and 4 minutes.

I even called them multiple times of where the engineer is, and of course they told me he would be here soon or now. RIGHT! I actually have a social life, I don't have time to wait 7 hours!!!!! My roommate and I are actually paying almost 4000USD every month for a shitty studio apartment. We do expect a bit better service than waiting 7 hours to take a shower. Do they even know time is money? And right now, I am pretty broke, so don’t waste my time like this!!!!!


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  2. I m very sorry,hon!Sounds terrible!

  3. Dry shampoo! The suave one is only like $3, works pretty well (instant volume), and you can find it at CVS/pretty much any drugstore

  4. hahah sucks to be you right now. chin up, it will get better x