Sunday, August 7

My Brother's Wedding (my outfits)

My brother finally got married after dating this girl for ... I dont know, 5 years? Yup, she is a nice girl, so nice that I dont understand why she chose my brother. He is an idiot. Of course I love my brother, but he is still an idiot. Hahaha. No no, just kidding, he is a nice guy..... sometimes....

I have been waiting for this day since... forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but at least two years! I bought two dresses two years ago because I expected a wedding in 2009. I am glad he didnt let ME wait longer. Helloooo, what if MY dresses got out of style.

My first outfit

Second outfit

Both dresses: Karen Millen
Shoes: Christian Dior
Clutch: Christian Dior
Watch: D&G

And the random flower using as a brooch in the first outfit is to show that I am related to the groom. Its an old tradition.


  1. omg, that watch is amazing!!! dayum!

  2. You looked absolutely gorgeous!Love the silver dress!

  3. Love the dresses they are both so classy and sexy..the first one is my favourite! And congrats to your brother!

    The Black Label

  4. You look gorgeous in both, but the first is my fav, so stunning! :)

    xo Emma

  5. OMG!!! the first dress is amazing!!! I love the back!!!

  6. Wwwwwwwwwooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww....the first dress is very elegant...I like it!!! You are a very beautiful girl!!!
    Fantastic outfits!!!
    A kiss
    Fashion Crazy Ball

  7. SO pretty! Love love the cut of the first dress and that watch is SO sparkly!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla