Saturday, May 7

So little time, so many parties!

It’s not easy to be me these days. Party here, party there, parties every day! In general, I would love this, but it’s not easy to have fun when I know I have school "tomorrow" and the final exam is in two weeks. The phone is always ringing, why? Even more parties! I am very exhausted, but at the same time, I don’t want to miss anything. I don’t want to miss the biggest celebration period of my life!   

Besides the parties, school and work, I have also tried to do some monkey businesses.  
This is the list of what I have done so far!

Sit under the desk (at school) for 45 minutes

Swim outdoors before 1st May. (Belive me, it was ICE COLD! I almost died)

Party on Tryvann (not the best party I have attended to....dissapointed)

Kiss a policeman (he was sooo cute)

Go with another Russ bounded together a whole school day

Wear only underwear in a school class for 45 minutes

Buy a BigMac meny to a homeless (something I would love to do again)

Eat a burger in only two bites

Try to make something to fly for 15 minutes

Say "Halleluja" when a teacher says something in an hour!

Change clothes in the boys' changing room before and after a PE class.


  1. were these bets? did you actually do any of it? awesome! :)

  2. As a Russ (senior student), we all get around 100 "missions" we should do during the celebration period. As you can see, I have only done 11 so far! :)