Wednesday, October 20

My lovely scarves

Ok, so I am not reading Norwegian literature as I said I will do. But the thing is; I am not a big fan of reading. That’s why I decided to clean my wardrobe. It has been very cold in Oslo lately and warm clothes are a must. When I sorted my clothes, I recognized that I have a passion for scarves (or maybe it’s just the weather that makes me buying so many). What about you guys? Do you use scarves often?

My lovely scarves <3  


  1. Thank you for your comment on my photography blog :) I absolutely hate the winter, and find Autumn totally depressing because the sun disappears, and so does the warmth. Those poor falling leaves...sigh.

  2. wow you are a addict ! I have never seen so many xx

  3. Agree, winter is not my thing either. The only thing I like with the winter is I get to use my scarves, hehe.