Friday, October 29

Getting presents moment

My sister and I spent the whole day on throwing and giving away old clothes. It’s funny to look at our old clothes. Most of it is awful. Some still with tags on, some not. Those that have tags, is obviously from awkward moments on Christmas Eve. Have you ever got a gift, and when you open it, you don’t know what to say. Just speechless, because you hate it. Do you smile and say “Oh my God, I love it!”? Or you do you tell them the truth and say that you hate it? Well, I always pick the first. Exactly, lying! Something I really regret about. Now I am in an evil circle. Every year, I get presents that makes me say “WOW”, and not in a positive way. Birthday and Christmas, it doesn’t matter. I know it’s the thought that matters, and I am happy to get gifts at all. It is the part where they are waiting for my reaction that bothers me.  
Hmmm, please enjoy my wonderful gifts!!

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