Monday, February 28

Things you should know about Eilat

If you are considering coming to Eilat, then it is a few things you should know about this place.

1.      Dan Eilat Hotel is the best hotel in Eilat. End of discussion. At least that’s what everybody in Eilat has told me.

2.      The summer is the high season (May – September). So if you want a relaxing vacation, I recommend the off – season which is in the winter. It is also when the weather is most comfortable with 25 degrees more or less (Celsius) in the day time.

3.      There is always at least one open night club. Monday, Tuesday or Saturday, it doesn’t matter, you can still go out! Just ask the young people which club is open, because none clubs are open every single day.

4.      Tourists have to pay entrance fees when clubbing. Ridiculous high fees as well! What to do? Go with locals and you won’t have to pay. You don’t need to know anyone there, just tell them the truth. “I have to pay 100 Shekel to get in, could I go with you?” They will probably react and say “WTF, come here, I will help you.” Tadaa, you are in for free.

5.      It is not much shopping to do in Eilat, but it is one thing you can’t miss. Sunglasses! All the stores got super cheap sunglasses. Marc Jacobs, Gucci, YSL, any brands! Just note that it all are from previous seasons, so it is kinda an outlet. I got tempted and got these.

6.      The waiters on the beach are incredible hot, so remember to wear very dark sunglasses. How else can you look at them without letting them knowing you are starring?


  1. it sounds really good!!!!
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  2. Loved these tips.. especially the last one hehe ;) The place look wonderful x

  3. Sounds nice!..haha I loved the sunglasses tip for spotting hot waiters! xD


  4. love those sunnies!! :)

  5. Sounds like a really nice place. Great tips!

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  6. nice sunnies! I've been wanting new sunglasses for a while now~

  7. Oh my god, I'm craving warmer climes now, the photo of Eilat look just beautiful!

  8. love ur sunnies!!!! uve got such a great blog!! all ur pics make me wanna go on holz!!!

    xoxo jenna

  9. love the fendi's so pretty! nice blog, putting you on my blogroll :)

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