Wednesday, December 1

A day with momy

I woke up 6am today and prepared myself for another day. Early in the morning with - 6 degrees outside, I went to the train. On the way, a friend called me and told me that we don’t have school. Oh great! What am I supposed to do at 7 o’clock in the morning? To sleep is a good suggestion, but when you have to face a cold winter morning, you are anything but sleepy. My mom felt bad about my awful start of the day, so we decided to go out to have some dinner.


We tried a new Thai restaurant, called Restaurant Øst…. Or something. Who would know that Thai food is so spicy? I learnt my lesson, and will never order spicy food from a Thai restaurant. EVER

The food was so so. The service was, hmmm. Well, all I can say is that one waitress was absolutely cute and smiled the whole time. The other one looked like she wanted to punch me.

 Looks like somebody forgot to change the oil before frying my banana, hehe...

After the dinner, we went to an Asian grocery store. I always like to go to such places. You always find something funny and interesting that you just want to try…..or not….

I found this weird thing that looks awful in my opinion. Anyone that can tell me what it is?? Looks like kimchi (?)


  1. Love thai food...well I love most kinds of food haha!...Oh and that waitress everywhere I´ve also met my fare share of...Just speak to me and i will take you down! Waitresses haXD...all restaurants should apply a rule I saw in a restaurant I went on a trip to Mexico...if the waitress isn´t nice nor smiles...your food is that´ll teach them!!


  2. Asian grocery shopping is the best! I always find new food items to try out.


  3. ahaha spicy foods are exciting to eat. Looks kimchi. The food preparation looks yummy.

  4. gnam gnam! I love asian food!!!!! ♥
    LiDì from Italy :)

  5. the dessert looks delicious!! :D yummy!

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  6. Mom time is always the best time!! The food looks soo insanely amazing!!! Mouth watering for sure!